BershKa the company


Bershka the company
Bershka is one of the youngest brands of the Inditex group. Created in 1998 with an innovative new sales format in response to an emerging demand from the younger public with a passion for the latest trends.

Bershka is a fashion leader that targets these new and increasingly demanding consumers.

In just two years…
In just two years Bershka opened a hundred stores and had firmly consolidated its brand image.Today, ten years on, the chain has more than 600 stores in 42 countries, with sales of over 1.1billion euros, representing 10% of the total revenues of the group.

Bershka has a combined sales area of over 200.000 square meters. The company’s business encompasses: design, manufacturing, distribution and fashion sales in its stores.

Bershka’s team of designers, made up of more than 50 professionals are continuously assessing customer preferences, wishes and demands, each year offering some 4,000 different products for sale in its stores.

Stores, windows & interiors
The interior design of the stores is conceived to give maximum prominence to the fashion display. The layout, music, lighting, furniture, wall-prints and materials used are carefully conceived to offer the greatest freedom to the customers while they discover the latest trends in fashion. All the elements featured in the stores are designed by Bershka’s decoration teams. Some of these change every season to match the collection; wall-prints, decoration, style of music…

Bershka stores are designed as comfortable spaces that will appeal to young people, thereby turning shopping into a fun experience. Whilst they browse around the shop, selecting and trying on the clothes, they can also listen to the hottest sounds and check out the latest trends in urban art with the graphics and photo sessions featured in the store décor.

The unique Bershka windows, designed by a specialized team, are a powerful communication tool through which Bershka presents to the public the most important pieces of the collection. The shop window is renewed frequently during the season, and products on display are constantly adapted to the fashion within the store, reflecting the evolution of the trends throughout each season.